Killer Circuit – Suicide Sprints

  I have to say that at Adrenaline we use the ‘suicide drill’ outline a lot.  Especially indoors, when you don’t have the room to really run, then suicides are your best bet for max cardio with a large group in a small space. When...
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Outdoor Urban Training – UnLeash the Power within YOU

What a workout we had this week down town Windsor, this group sure knows how to push their limits and really giver.  We were down town windsor all along our riverfront is the coolest park, and the trails and hillside are perfect for training.  Different...
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Adrenaline Spring Training – Tips for Training your Clients

  This Spring has been one of the best one yet. I am trying to constantly improve what I do as a trainer and keep Adrenaline as Fresh as I can!  This keeps my clients and city engaged in our training and excited about what is next.  I am very thankful...
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UnLeash your Strength – Intense outdoor training

  We met at the Skate park in Forest Glad here in Windsor and I pulled out the belts for some resistance training.  It was tough and they loved it, sweating 5 minutes in, even in that cold air.  We trained only for an hour but they pushed their...
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Extreme Urban Training – The UnLeash Workout

I have to share with you one of my favourite things about my week, it’s training our UnLeashed class!!   I have never had such a blast working out and these Adrenalien Junkies that come out to it are INSANE! I mean they do it all..there’s...
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9 Station Indoor Group Training Circuit [TRAINERS]

So if you have a huge group coming out to your classes and you want to really work them and push their limits all at the same time you have to be smooth. haha..   I mean if you have 40-60 people in a gym and your not prepared with how your going to move...
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