Killer Circuit – Suicide Sprints


I have to say that at Adrenaline we use the ‘suicide drill’ outline a lot.  Especially indoors, when you don’t have the room to really run, then suicides are your best bet for max cardio with a large group in a small space.

When in doubt set one of these bad boys up, in your session you can have very little dead time. Be prepared, know every minute and step ahead in your class, they are paying you to be there, no one wants to feel like your making it up as your going along especially if you happen to feel stumped at that moment. They will sense it and to me that doesn’t look so good, I take huge pride in making each Adrenaline workout like a perfectly smooth production.

Every body in there has to move in a efficient manner, so we get the most out of each minute of the training session and everyone understands what to do.  As you train and build experience working with a large group you figure out great ways to explain the drill set up to everyone in a timely manner. You have to keep their heart rates up the whole hour,  too long a rest will break them from the training zone their in and un motivate them.

In this video I show you a great way to change up a regular suicide drill buy adding in some equipment and turing into a station as part of a group circuit. This workout was real good, my clients loved the switch up and buy all going at the same time it motivated you to beat or at least stay with the pack.