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About Me

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AXFIT Danielle Chevalier

I’ve been kicking-ass since 2002 and still love every second of it! 

I have been a gym rat since I was 15, everything about working out excites me. I love creating new exercises and finding fresh combos and layouts to train myself and my crew to keep things fresh and make real results happen.

I am the owner of  AXFIT, Urban Surf. and SKETCH I am married to one of the hardest working humans I know, who supports every step I take in business and in life.  We have three daughters who mean everything to us – Rya, Henley, and Drew. 

I took a leap of faith in 2006 to follow my passion and start AXFIT. With no money, equipment, or a studio I learned to work the elements outside and utilize what I did have . By working with the elements and finding creative ways to get resistance training, motivation, and competition between clients I’ve developed a style of fitness that not only gets clients into their peak condition but builds positive confidence and attitude.

In 2012 Urban Surf was born after my bad-ass stand up paddle board fitness classes (part of AXFIT) exploded in popularity. Urban Surf has now grown to become one of the country’s top water sport destinations. 

We are all so blessed to be in this world and have the opportunity to create our own destiny. I love sharing this with everyone I meet and motivate everyone to go after their passions and reach their full-potential. 

When not training I enjoy spending time with the fam, going on road trips, skateboarding and painting mixed media art.




My style, which i’m truly honoured has become known as “The AXFIT Training Style” was born out of my journey to give clients a fun, efficient, and no-nonsense workout that builds real results – it’s that simple.

Over the years I have refined my style specifically for group fitness classes. My ultimate goal has been to create workouts that are attractive to all fitness levels, adaptable to any environment, and done using little to no equipment at all.


A core principle to my style is focusing not only on the workouts, but on the people. The recipe for results is 1 part workout and 1 part connecting with clients. I connect with clients by asking questions, sharing what they do, providing support, and motivating on a personal level. To sum things up, The AXFIT Training Style goes beyond building dream arms, legs, and rock-cut abs, it has the ability to energize the soul – building confidence, excitement, and overall enjoyment for life. It’s the synergy of these two parts that have made The AXFIT Training Style spread across the world.


The AXFIT training style draws on the muscle-building power of the core to challenge the entire body. When your core is strong, results build outwards. All of my workouts are designed to burn calories and build strength, endurance, cardio (VO2 Max), balance, and increase overall athleticism.


AXFIT workouts are typically applied in moving circuits, on-spot, on the move, or freestyle in locations chosen for their unique features and elements – park benches, fields, gymnasiums, stair wells, the streets, beaches, and on the water are just a few environments to explore. There are endless possibilities to what you can do and where you can do it. I strive to think outside the box, follow my instincts, and most importantly keep my clients on their toes.


The final aspect to the AXFIT Training Style is as important, if not more important, than all other elements. As much as I run classes to make a living, I have never believe anyone should become motivated only by money. Throughout my career I have always focused on using the power of numbers with my group to give back to the community through volunteering and special events focused on helping others and each-other.