Killer Circuit – Suicide Sprints

  I have to say that at Adrenaline we use the ‘suicide drill’ outline a lot.  Especially indoors, when you don’t have the room to really run, then suicides are your best bet for max cardio with a large group in a small space. When...
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Let’s get Shredded – Day 5 Workout Routine

  My all time favourite, it’s LEG DAY again.   Day 1 and 5 our my favourite workouts, mostly because for the rest of that day and 3 days after my legs are feeling so great, everything feels strong, tight and a little bit sore.  The 1 leg...
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Let’s get Shredded – Day 3 workout program

Today was Day 3 of my workout routine, I hit up a Back workout and I feel GREAT!! I love training my back, it’s crazy how strong our back’s actually are and it’s the best feeling after you give it a good lift.  Below is my routine that...
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Extreme Urban Training – The UnLeash Workout

I have to share with you one of my favourite things about my week, it’s training our UnLeashed class!!   I have never had such a blast working out and these Adrenalien Junkies that come out to it are INSANE! I mean they do it all..there’s...
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Make it Count | Training Tips for Personal Trainers

It’s so important to always be prepared for your clients, if it be 1 person your training or 80. When your clients show up they want to start on time, especially when you have big groups, the chatter can get out of control very fast and before you...
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