Tire Exercises for your Clients | XTREME [VIDEO]

Kick UP your training! Throw in some tires to the mix, you can pick these babies up pretty much from any garage or dump yard if you go in and ask nicely. Or post it up on your facebook that your looking for old used tires and i bet people will be happy...
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Make it Count | Training Tips for Personal Trainers

It’s so important to always be prepared for your clients, if it be 1 person your training or 80. When your clients show up they want to start on time, especially when you have big groups, the chatter can get out of control very fast and before you...
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9 Station Indoor Group Training Circuit [TRAINERS]

So if you have a huge group coming out to your classes and you want to really work them and push their limits all at the same time you have to be smooth. haha.. ย  I mean if you have 40-60 people in a gym and your not prepared with how your going to move...
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