Intense Group Training – Tips


First I have to say that I have the absolute most amazing group of members that come out to my Adrenaline training sessions every day.  The dedication they all have and the way they inspire one another in class is just awesome. I am so thankful to be apart of each one of their journeys to reach the goals they have set for themselves. We must all encourage eachother every day to be (as cliche as it sounds) the “best we can be”!!

It’s amazing all the motivation everyone in Adrenaline executes to one another, it really impacts the way people push their limits in the class.  A little competition mixed with a feel good, kick my butt workout is just what everyone needs.

The clips in the video I posted here below are just so awesome, all these people training so hard, determined and really loving every minute of it. Take this motivation that you see and feel in this video and go to the gym maybe join a fitness class or group and GET AFTER IT, this body you were blessed with will thank you for it and enhance everything in your life.

If your a trainer then take some ideas from my training, make the drills your own and push limits with your clients everyday. We have the best job in the world, people are actually  paying us to kick their butts everday. haha


                        Hey you can switch this vid to HD in the settings at the bottom of the vid there, for better quality.