Boot Camp Trainer Quotes: #SHINEBRIGHT

MAKE THIS YOUR YEAR. BE YOU. #SHINEBRIGHT Once your able to embrace yourself and BE YOU great things will come. I read a quote today I want to share with you. “Sombody once told me the definition of hell:  “On your last day on earth,...
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How didn’t I know? | I used to be a Badass |

How didn’t I know? I had no idea I was pregnant until I was about 4–5 weeks in, which is F’d up if you ask me, I always thought I was pretty in tune with my body. So when the moms in my stroller-fit class told me to go home that day and get...
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Pregnant with twins | I used to be a Badass |

Pregnant with twins! This morning I woke up feeling like I had to write, mostly because I am scared as hell but mainly because I am changing so much in such a short time. My body is now growing two little humans in it and I can’t just jump on my longboard...
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