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Pregnant in the Gym

I’m now back at the gym and rocking this new accessory, a growing belly. My first day back, a few weeks ago, I bolted straight to the “women’s only” area, a section of the gym I had never trained in before, it was foreign to me. I was always one to train hard in the co-ed, doing crazy shit with heavy weights, some days lifting more then the dude next to me.

This first day back I had a lot of emotions, can I do this? Will I hurt myself or rip a placenta or two while moving these weights around? I felt a little embarrassed of my stomach, I felt weak and I was scared to see how much strength I had lost after three months of the worst dizzy spell of my life. My first trimester I was a lost cause, I could hardly make it from my bed to the sofa most mornings. Had a hard time eating anything and I lost 16 lbs of muscle. It had been over 90 days since I had stepped foot in the gym and I hated the way I felt. I just had a little bump so I looked like I’ve slacked for the last three months and now back with a little beer gut and scrawny limbs.

The gym was always my badass sanctuary, it was the place I went to just for me. A place to go and kick my own butt and focus on what my body needed, not my clients or anyone else. I joined with my soccer team when I was 13 and have been a gym rat ever since.

So now I’m sharing my sanctuary with these two growing babies inside of my stomach and it’s definitely taking some getting used to. I don’t hate it, but I don’t like it either. I only did that first workout back in the women’s only, the next day I went back and decided to stop being such a suck and kick some ass where I always did.

Working out with twins.

Working out with twins.

It’s amazing how much working out helps your ego, how it makes you feel stronger and more confident in your everyday life. Being back at the gym feels so good, it makes me feel like I can do so much more outside of the gym too. I went from feeling weak and feeble to very strong and motivated in just a few short days. I have to say it’s the weirdest feeling to be doing dead lifts while 8 little limbs are kicking and rolling around inside of you. It’s definitely hard to stay focused on your set and getting that last rep out while your uterus has braxton hicks jolting through your body. Just keep calm and cool while these alien-like movements roll in and out so I don’t talk myself into just wrapping this up and getting home to put my housecoat on.

During one workout, this really big strong man came up to me and told me how I was kicking ass in there and that he just read an article about how women are their strongest while pregnant. Like it’s all that superpowers you get in your body from creating life inside of it. More blood flow, endorphins, this protective instinct, etc. I don’t know if it is actually a true fact, and I don’t want to know. It makes me feel good so I’m sticking with this vision!

I have to mention the other huge motivation in my life, the four unbelievable pregnant women in my AXFIT classes right now. These four women give me so much inspiration and strength, the shit I put my classes through each day and they are right in there keeping up. Even beating some of the crew in races and strength drills. It’s just unreal and I am blown away by them.  We all have people like this in our lives and for me right now it’s Meaghan (36 weeks), Lee Ann (39 weeks), Rachelle (26 weeks) and Chantale (14 weeks). Lee Ann is due next week and she plans to be at class on Monday…like what??

Well I did it… I changed the name of my blog. While writing this week and feeling the real strength in me again, I can’t write those “I used to be…” words ANYMORE. I think being back in the gym has made me feel like myself again and I feel strong and I feel like if I can go in there and tear it up with two babies inside of me then I am a badass mother and I’m freaking proud of myself.

No matter if you’re pregnant, just getting over a sickness, an injury or you have just been slacking, it’s going to be tough at first. Physically and especially mentally, but you can change this vibe you got quick. I’ve seen it in myself and in many of my clients over the past 12 years. We are all badass, we all have what it takes to overcome anything in our life.  You decide what each day will bring and how you will let the course of your day affect you. From the people in your life to your work, fitness and then number one yourself.

Just make it happen!


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