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Abs, Core, Cardio, and Heavy Weight Circuit. A full body, fat burning, muscle building AXFIT Circuit!

Video Description: This is a advanced heavy weight circuit bootcamp class. Today’s workout is killer circuit that uses heavy weights, while also throwing in some crazy ab, core, and cardio drills! Talk about calorie burning.

I kick this workout off with ABS, doing combos of core and cardio. A great warm-up! Next, we did 30 reps of 30 different Ab & Core drills. I front loaded this workout with Abs and Core to switch up our workout.

The Circuit of Doom splits the group in 2. One side of the workout area is doing a 3 station heavy weight circuit, while the other side is doing mat pushes “cardio/strength” exercises to get the heart rate up. I did 1 minute stations, then had the groups switched sides! We did 2 rounds of the circuit…the second round only doing 30 second stations. …then did it again!

Workout Training Style: The AXFIT training style draws on the muscle-building power of the core to challenge the entire body. When your core is strong, results build outwards. All of my workouts are designed to burn calories and build strength, endurance, cardio (VO2 Max), balance, and increase overall athleticism.


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Concert Workout Tour with Lululemon

Concert Workout Tour with Lululemon

I’ve been kicking-ass for 13 years now and still love every second of it! 

A bit about me? I’m a brand ambassador for Lululemon Athletica, and owner of AXFIT and Urban Surf located in my home town of Windsor, Ontario Canada.

I took a leap of faith in 2007 to follow my passion and start AXFIT. With no money, equipment, or studio I learned to work the elements and utilize what I did have. By working with the elements and finding creative ways to get resistance training, motivation, and competition between clients i’ve developed a style of group fitness classes that not only gets clients into their peak condition but builds positive confidence and attitude.

In 2012 Urban Surf was born after my bad-ass stand up paddle board fitness classes (part of Adrenaline Xtreme Fitness) exploded in popularity. Urban Surf has now grown to become one of Ontario’s top water sport destinations.

I always remind myself to live by my favourite saying: “Life Is Not a Practice Run, Make It Count”. We are all so blessed to be in this world and have the opportunity to create our own destiny. I love sharing this with everyone I meet and motivate everyone to reach their full-potential. 

When not training I enjoy spending time with my daughter, going on road trips, taking part in creative projects, and exploring new passions.