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Cribs, car seats, strollers and swings. Rock n Plays, diaper genie and a babybjorn…do we need all of these times two? There’s even something called a Mamaroo!

I was feeling overwhelmed a few weeks back after reading about the “must have” items you need when bringing a newborn home. I was going through this list and it was so long, we are minimalist and live in a one level ranch where we run two growing companies. We started off being forced minimalist but now couldn’t live any other way. I really only want the bare essentials for these babies, since having Rya there are so many new things out there to make life easier. But with easier for mom means more ways to distract baby, more stuff taking up space to stimulate them from one vibrating/light-up chair to the next. Toys and electronics that keep them content, which in turn makes them continually need stimulation.

The world is so fast paced, our attention span is at an all time low, technology is taking us away from our grass roots. It’s taking us away from the simple things in life, the ability to just sit and be still. To be present in the moment with nothing but our own thoughts. To be in a room with a friend or group of friends and really listen to what they have to say. Not distracted by how many likes we got on a post or interrupting to take a picture to prove this moment really happened. How can I raise my children to stay grounded and in touch in this electronic & consumer addictive world? How can I give them the gift of simplicity? I want to change the way I live, the way my family lives. Running an online business can make this difficult but I can definitely limit the amount of electronic frequencies in and around my life.

After reading and googling through this list of items a baby “needs”, let alone two babies need, I thought I should go walk through babies R us and see these items face to face. I was just about sucked into buying everything I thought my babies needed before the little voice from my left shoulder said “Danielle get the F%&k out of here”. I drove home that day deciding that my twins will grow up with a very minimal lifestyle. That drive home inspired me to slow down my whole families electronic usage and allow those grass roots to grow stronger in our home.

We can get so consumed by stuff! Things we think we need at different times, those big chapters in our lives. Stuff to throw the perfect wedding, stuff to fill our new homes and all this stuff we need for when baby arrives and as baby grows. We see toddlers controlling ipad’s better then we can, young kids are given these stimulates to distract them but is it really good for them? Is it good for their future? For their attention span?

I don’t know if it’s from watching these two documentaries recently about tiny houses and minimalism but I want to change my patterns in our life. I want to live a simpler life. I want to feel content with what I have and I want these two girls to grow up loving to read and paint and just feel happy to sit and look out a window. To have the patience to wait for mom while she eats a meal with a friend at a restaurant. To enjoy just chillen on the floor with puzzles, blocks and some good music. I know we might have to get through some tough cries or moments we want to give in and pass them an ipad to shut them up but I am going to do my best to fight through it. It will be worth it in the end and they will grow to be more in touch with life and the people around them.

Rya and I made these really cool blocks this week for the girls using scrap wood and animal pictures I printed off. Something fun for us to do together during our digital detox hours we have now distilled into our daily routine. I’m excited about the year a head, to meet these two babies, they have already brought such positive effects on us, to be more present in the moment and with each other.

DIY Baby Block set

DIY Baby Block set

Some of my best childhood memories are laying on the sofa with my mom, dad and brother, all jam packed on there tickling, laughing and sharing stories. Such a simple thing but these are the times I remember the most!

Baby Block Set

 DIY Block Kids Set

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