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This week was the best week I have had in months! I feel better then ever, almost like I am not even pregnant except for the constant kicking and my belly is growing so big I can’t even see my own parts down there anymore.

My belly button is now an outie which is pretty cool because I always wanted an outie, but now that I have it and it’s like a bulls eye poking through every shirt no matter how many layers I have on I kind of miss my inny. I got to say having boobs 2 cup sizes bigger is super cool, I could get used to these puppies.

It’s so amazing what are bodies can do, how we stretch and grow and transform into these mother robots protecting our babies inside of us. I feel like I have these crazy mother instincts right now, like I would do whatever I had to do to keep them safe in there. If anyone or anything dodges at me I got my arms swinging keeping anything from getting to close to this belly.

Sometimes when I’m driving I think about how if a car ever crashed into mine that I would have the strength and adrenaline to push my arms out and crush whatever was coming at me. Like it’s not even a question I would protect this belly, these babies inside of me. I truly believe we get super powers when we are pregnant, our skin, hair and nails aren’t the only things that are stronger. We become a force, we do what we have to, we go into survival mode always on alert and ready for anything.

Pregnant with twins

Maybe it’s just the week I have had but I feel awesome, I am more excited then ever to meet these girls. All the worries I had the first few months about their health, my health, if I would be a good mom for twins is long gone. I am ready! It’s funny because before I became pregnant and even during the first few months the thought of having to push these babies out of me, scared the crap out of me. Now I say BRING IT ON…I am ready.

I think all pregnant women get to a point in their pregnancy where they throw the gloves in and a peaceful calmness settles over them. I don’t know but I am pretty excited to be here and I feel like I have grown so much in the last months. I am as badass mother!!

I guess with all big experiences in our lives we go through a few different levels of emotions and we learn a lot about ourselves and we grow from it. I love when you go through an experience and you truly feel yourself grow, you hit a point where you just know you’re at that next level. You feel proud of yourself and it makes you smile.

Don’t miss out on those moments, notice them, hold on to them and know you’re ready for the next thing that comes your way!



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