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I have always been blown away by my husband, since the day I laid eyes on him he “wow’d” me. I am definitely the one that lucked out when we met and I couldn’t believe that he chose me. Out of all the women in the world, a women who had been married before and had an 8 year old daughter. A risk for a young 27 year old man who happen to waltz into my bootcamp this exact week in February 5 years ago.

It’s funny how us humans feel the need to partner up with someone, to share your heart and your life with this other earthling. To commit to just them, to grow, buy a home and build a family together. Two different bodies, two different brains filled with different needs and wants trying to synchronize together. It’s a beautiful thing really, and when you find that rare, real and true love it’s like winning the biggest lottery ever.

Chris was lying on the floor a lot the first day I met him, my workout had gotten the best of him. As pale and as sweaty as he was all I could see was his gentle spirit. A guy who came out to my class to add a new twist of positivity in his life, shake up his routine a little. Well did it ever shake and from that day on we have been inseparable and we have accomplished so much together. We met at the right time!

I have always been infatuated by those old couples you see holding hands and gazing into each others eyes like they did when they first met. I used to always stop those couples and ask them what the secret is to this strong unstoppable love. They would all pretty much say the same thing. That it’s pretty simple really, just listen to each other, motivate each other and never go to bed upset. I was always stunned by their little bit of advice but it is really just as simple as that.
I used to think that there was just one person for everyone, that someone was “meant” for you. I don’t really believe that anymore, I think that meeting someone at the right time is key, when you are both ready for that same kind of love, same kind of relationship. Then it comes down to seeing the innocence in one another, to chill out and focus on the positive. It’s easy to get caught up in the little negative things that our partner’s do that bugs us, but we aren’t perfect either.

I feel very proud of the women I have grown into, nothing really phases me anymore as there was a time I would get so upset over the littlest things. I would put a wall up for a day and just cause so much stress for no reason, making things bigger than they were. What a draining way to live, missing out on all the great things about life and the person you’re with.

Love this guy so much!
Love this guy so much!

I think at different times in our lives our love can grow bigger and in turn you grow stronger as a couple. I didn’t think I could love Chris anymore than I did and then I got pregnant. Being pregnant is hard, your body is going through all these changes and your brain is all over the place. Having a solid man by your side is such a blessing and I am really taken back by it all. I see Chris in a different light now, the light was super shiney and bright before but now it has this soft aura to it too. His patience, love and motivation to do extra things around the house makes me feel so good. So safe and confident that I am in the right place, that these little girls will have such a hero of a dad and a strong vibe between their parents to look up too.

We all go through times in our lives that make us see people in a different light, the trick is to see it. To notice it and to let yourself feel that love and let it grow, then the next time they are doing something that pisses you off to remember these times and to just let it roll off your shoulder. Don’t sweat the small stuff, be cool, calm and focus on the good.

Being in love is such a gift, not everyone finds it so when you have it, soak it up, be the best you can be for that person. Continually growing together, caring about their needs as much as your own.

Valentines is around the corner, to me it’s just a gimmicky holiday, getting people to buy shit and add stress to a couple as they feel on this day they have to do extra and feel extra. Celebrate today!! Celebrate love everyday, hiding little notes in their bag, try a new move in the bedroom, go out on a date night, clean the house or buy flowers.
Be open to love and be grateful for love.

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