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Pregnant with twins!

This morning I woke up feeling like I had to write, mostly because I am scared as hell but mainly because I am changing so much in such a short time. My body is now growing two little humans in it and I can’t just jump on my longboard and carve it like I did just a few short months ago. My ego has definitely taken a jab and I will be honest and say that I love/hate it.

My name is Danielle Chevalier, I’m 34, I own AXFIT.COM & Urban Surf here in Windsor, Ontario and I’m now pregnant with fraternal twins. I’ve been a killer extreme fitness instructor for over 10 years now and I have a 13 year old girl named Rya who rocks my world. Yep, if you do the math right I was 21 years old, when I had her and it seems like that was a whooooole other life time ago. I could write a book about that lifetime but it has made me what I am today and now I can write with so much more knowledge on life, love, the struggles & successes of owning a business and being a wife & mom.

pregnant with twins

As I write this, I feel karate chops striking at my ribs and bladder and my belly button feels like it’s going to stretch open and a weird alien is going to slither out. This scares me because I am only 19.4 weeks pregnant so what the fuck is to come?

See, I am a Gemini and a true one at that, I have two personalities so if you continue to read my blog weekly then you should stay quit entertained.

I have cool/chill Danielle who loves to motivate & inspire people, she feels she can take on anything thrown her way. Then I have anxious/homebody Danielle who would stay in between her 4 safe walls of her little house if she could. I feel like in the movies when you have those little people on your shoulders yelling at you all day. The bad ass is on my left and the scared nerdy one is on my right.

I am a true Gemini, with two personalities.

Thank goodness I have one patient, compassionate and loving husband,Chris, who’s my best friend, business partner and loves me so damn much. He took on three women when he met Rya and I five years ago when he waltzed into my bootcamp.

I was always a tomboy who wanted to be just like my big brother growing up, I felt invincible up until this pregnancy hit me smack down with the worst morning/all-day sickness ever. Even when I had Rya, I mean I was 21 so I was a champion with that whole pregnancy/labour thing. At 21 nothing really phases you, as I was a young naive 21 year old who was pretty much a kid having a kid and then we both grew up together. I feel like she was always just a part of my life, like I wasn’t a mom but I was, it’s hard to explain but this pregnancy has been a completely different spectrum. Now with two babies coming and I am much older I am definitely feeling farther and farther away from the cool adrenaline junkie who would risk my life to prove I could do “it”.

Next blog I will tell you about how we found out I was pregnant, what Rya’s reactions were and the shock when the ultrasound tech told us it was twins.

My goals to keep these posts short and crisp, a way for me to let out some anxiety through writing and give some moms a form of comfort through relating to me and what is to come.

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