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Nesting — The urge to clean and organize your home to prepare for baby’s arrival.

People have been asking me a lot lately if I have been “nesting”, without really realizing I was doing it, I totally was. We all are, Chris and Rya are right into it with me, prepping their nursery, washing their little itty bitty clothes and cleaning clean spots just to be extra ready for when they are home. Chris even put together their two little chairs you park at the kitchen table weeks ago so we could all get used to the baby furniture being out and in our space. Their bassinets have been ready next to our bed for way longer than needed, but with the amount of times I get up to pee in the night, I now totally have the room mapped out in the dark with these new items in the mix.

I am usually a last minute kind of girl, where Chris is a total planner, like he gets us all doing whiteboard sessions every other week to make sure all our work/life/school goals are met. So it feels good to have this “nesting” vibe circulate through me so I can join him on this level.

The nursery was Rya’s old room, which she offered to move to the other side of the house so the girls could be next to our bedroom. I didn’t want to force this on her as I don’t want her feeling like we are pushing her out of her space so I was happy when she suggested it. But I think she knew she would get a whole new bedroom makeover because of it, so it was a win-win for everyone.

Bedroom pallet wood wall

The nursery turned into exactly what I envisioned the twins room to be. I wanted a bohemian/travel kind of feel to it and we had so much fun designing it together, we all added our share and now it’s all our favourite room in the house. Maybe it’s just the super soft, thick shag rug you could sleep on, but we all go in there a few times a week and pace around chatting about all the things ahead of us with these new family members coming. Rya had a ball putting everything in it’s place, I think she might be more excited about these two girls coming than anyone. Chris practicing opening a diaper and wow’d by how small they are but doesn’t think it will be that bad to change their bums as he plans to wear a face mask while doing it. Haha, they will either be scared to death or find it super funny, I guess we will see soon enough.

twins nursery

I get asked if I will breastfeed or formula feed all the time, and to be honest, I am going into this with no plan what so ever. I think it’s best to just roll with it, especially with two babies. One might like breastfeeding and one might hate it, or maybe I will be super mom and be able to feed them both at the same time. I am not putting any stress on this matter as it will happen as it should and will do what works best for the babies, myself and my family.

This baby belly has grown a significant amount over the last 2–3 weeks so nesting is not like it used to be as I can hardly bend down to get my shoes on let a lone scrub the tub or renovate rooms. I am glad a friend told me to start early with this stuff since I have twins in me I will be less active towards the end. The other night I had Rya doing a totally overhaul on the fridge while Chris did a top to bottom scrub in the bathroom, while I hung on the sofa giving my suggestions on both jobs. Haha it was a moment I will never forget and as that doesn’t happen everyday!

So we feel ready, it’s a great feeling to know if they came any day now we are ready for them. All the amazing people in our lives have given us so much to help with the preparation. Two groups of gals surprise planned little baby showers for us. I wasn’t going to have a shower at all and ended up with two. I think it’s because I already had a shower for Rya I felt I had my turn at this, but that was 14 years ago so definitely starting from scratch here again.

Tons of clothes, gift cards, baby essentials I had no idea I would need, diapers and the cutest little books I just can’t wait to read to them. Chris’s mom sewed up bundles of sheets to match our room’s theme, like we were just spoiled rotten. The one thing I knew I wanted was a top notch stroller, teaching stroller-fit for 12 years now, the one thing all moms say is don’t cheap out on the stroller. So all the gift cards went to the cadillac of strollers and I am super stoked about getting out there and hitting the trails kicking my own butt back into shape. So THANK YOU to all of you who showered us with gifts and love, it means so much to me.

Other then that I kept true to my goal of keeping things simple, I am 34 weeks pregnant now and my doctor predicts at 35–36 weeks they will arrive. I can’t wait to share pictures of them with you, will they look alike or completely opposite… eeeeek I can hardly compose myself!
Twin Nursery
twins nursery
boho watercolour nursery painting
twin nursery

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