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So it’s just a waiting game now, I guess contractions could start or my water could break really at any time! I am 35 weeks and they are running out of room in there. The girls are both 5 lbs each and are rocking it with their growth, my doctor said if they came today they are good to go but if we can get two more weeks out of them then it’s a bonus!

It’s so exciting to know that we will be meeting these two very soon, I just hope the dream I’ve been having doesn’t become a reality. A dream I have had more than a few times now, I am demonstrating a new version of a power squat in class and when I land the jump a wave of water crashes and splashes over everyone. Like right over them, soaking my clients from head to toe and the dream ends with all their faces in shock from what just happened, as they run for the door. Like what the heck does this mean? I’ve had crazy colourful, movie like dreams the past nine months and it’s been a riot actually. The dream where I come out of the hospital with a 6 pack…now that one can be true, I am ok with that! haha.

I am not sure if my belly can grow much bigger than it is now, I can’t see my feet, my pregnancy clothes are just about at their max fit and I can hardly breath. Chris and Rya have got to be tired of hearing my heavy breathing around the house, if I had to listen to someone breath like I do all day it would drive me freaking nuts.

I haven’t hit the gym in a good month now, I am just too big. Everywhere I go strangers ask or look at me with a worrisome face like I am about to give birth right then and there. I should wear a shirt that says “I am having twins” then they would understand that it’s just bigger because there’s two bodies in there. I look like a cartoon, I lost a lot of my muscle mass so I’m four twigs attached to a big round ball for just a little bit longer.

I can’t wait to have my body back to myself, it’s been great sharing it with these two girls but as most twin moms will say the last trimester just becomes way too much to handle.

I am going to pass off my Preggo Leggings to a pregnant mama I know but the Pj’s and housecoat I have been living in anytime I am home I will be burning in the fire pit out back. I know Chris and Rya will be happy to be a part of that brunning ceremony as I have been “big-housecoat mama” for way too long now. Ive been doing a little online shopping this week for some post-baby clothes from American Eagle and I am super stoked to get back into my vibe.

Well as much as I am ready to be my normal self again I am grateful I had the experience of creating twins in me. I am more appreciative of my body and what it has created here than ever. I know how lucky I am to have had a pretty smooth pregnancy and to be given the miracle of life with two more daughters. I truly feel thankful for what I have and know that I have grown so much over the last nine months in so many different ways.

Until next week, it may be just me again or maybe the girls will be here. Who knows!!!


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