MWMU Episode 4: Tips to Increase Client Retention, Jam Session Checklist


MWMU Episode 4: Tips to Increase Client Retention, Jam Session Checklist



In this episode I’m talking about tips to increase client retention! I get a lot of emails and comments, questions about client retention. Saying clients come for a class or a week or two, then don’t come back. Don’t accept this! There are things you can do to keep them coming back.

The Biggest Tip: You have to make a connection! Compliment them, find a mutual interest, ask them about there goals. Find out what motivated them to walk through your doors and do the class. If you can find there motivations, you can talk about that and how you can help.

Another tip is making sure to give newbies attention. The worst thing is having someone come to your class and not talk to them one on one for a few minutes before or after. Try not to make your class feel “clicky” by only given attention to your regulars.

Next tip, make every class like a production! It’s a show that you want your clients to enjoy. You have to be pumped up, keep positive energy, have suitable music on, and make it a positive environment with intense workouts consistently. BUT, be careful, there is absolutely a balance you have to find. You don’t want to be too over the top. The skill and trick is finding the balance and making your class a great production.

Next, keep your classes fresh! To keep clients coming back you need to give them variety. You need to always be giving your clients different workouts and types of classes. There are so many opportunities! Beach Workouts, Urban Street Workouts, Indoor Workouts, Weight Workouts, Hill Workouts, Concert Workouts….be fresh, be creative, and challenge your clients…always.

You need to always be analyzing your business from a outside perspective and drop the ego. Example….is your location okay? Maybe parking is an issues, traffic to get to your class…you have to ask clients and find out there thoughts. Try doing a survey and find out weaknesses in your bootcamp.

These are just a few tips to increase client retention. The first step is experiencing your class form your clients shoes, and understanding what makes clients want to come back. Again, the most valuable trick is to make a connection.


So excited for us all to put together a Jam Session in our different cities! Here is a checklist of the first items we need to figure out this week.


  • Location: Indoor, Outdoor
  • Day/Time
  • Music: DJ? Live Band?

Work on these 3 items and we will meet next week to talk next steps.

Email me (Danielle Chevalier) if you have questions about your training or need some advice:




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