Boot Camp Training Ideas Inspiration: #HUSTLE



If you want to grow your classes, your business, and your life in general you have to HUSTLE! If you want something in this world don’t make the mistake of wishing and waiting for it to happen, take action and make it happen yourself, right now. I love this quote by Thomas Jefferson: “The harder I work, the more luck I have”. To me it’s saying things don’t happen all by luck, but through hard work and determination. Remind this to anyone who ever says your “lucky”.

What is HUSTLE? To me hustle is putting 110% effort and time into achieving your goals. It means making every minute count. Having the most skill and talent are not the key, being successful comes down to hard work and dedication. Hustling is working 10X harder then your competition and putting everything on the line. If someone is spending 10 hours a week watching Netflix, yet complaining they are not reaching goals, they are not hustling. Hustling is maximizing every hour of your day and not stopping until you reach your goal.

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