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Welcome to the world Henley Olive and Drew Ellie. Born Monday April 10th 2017, 2 minutes apart Henley at 8:25pm and Drew 8:27pm.

delivery room Collage

It was a dreary day and I was in a shit load of pain, every step I took hurt in my hips and back, this new pain started 2 days before but was now at a whole new level. I was posted up in our cuddle chair in the living room ordering staff shirts for the season a head. I was pushing through the pain as I was going to see Dr. Hasen that next morning, so mentally that gave me some relief to get through it.  I figured it was just a lot of pressure from the weight of the twins and my hips and back were on over-load from 9 months of body changes.  

Chris’s mom face-timed me from Rome, checking in daily with us as she booked this Mediterranean trip over a year ago, not knowing it would land on the same weeks I would be due with her two twin granddaughters. 

After I told Barb how I felt and her being a nurse for over 40 years she said “GET TO THE HOSPITAL NOW, I am the bootcamp bi$#h right now Danielle, so listen to me and get Chris and go.”  The look on her face was no joke, it actually got my heart racing a little with this new realization that maybe this labour was about to go down. 

Chris was busy with construction outside, prepping for Urban Surf’s open season, we open May 1st and always have a million things on the list this time of the year.  Week’s ago he told me that he thinks he will be up painting on a ladder when I tell him “it’s time”, and sure as shit he was right!

I inched my way out to the back door and hollered to him that we need to get to the hospital, I will never forget the look on his face when our eyes met.  He giggled and said “I’m painting on a ladder”.

Next thing you know we are on our way to the hospital and just 40 minutes from when I got Chris down from the ladder the doctor was breaking my water saying it was a good thing I came in or I might have had them at home or in the car. Yikes!! Maybe he was joking, I am not too sure but it all came on and happened so fast. 

As I lay there all I could think about is how happy I was that Barb called me, but boy were we in shock. Chris called my mom, mom swept Rya up from school and everyone was there and ready to go. 

My team was with me, Chris and mom by my bedside and Rya in a waiting room a door down. She is too young to be in the delivery room and really didn’t want to be. They let her come in to give me a quick teary eyed hug and kiss and we were off into the C-section delivery room. With twins even if it’s a vaginal birth they want you in the surgery room just in case they need to get the second baby out via c-section.

The two nurses we had were unbelievable, I will never forget them and the time we all had in there together. These girls definitely are meant to be working in the labour room, they made me feel like a rock star from start to finish. 

twin delivery

I had an epidural so I really enjoyed every minute of my labour, my mom and Chris were a riot in there too, taking pictures and selfies and sending them over to Rya in the next room.We were all so excited about the moment we would finally get to meet these two beauty’s. Both babies came out vaginally, Dr. Suga was on call that night and she was wonderful. I had an epic crew taking care of business up in there, I couldn’t have asked for a better labour. 

It might sound crazy but I wish I could relive those 4 hours over again!

We had an amazing experience at the hospital, Chris said it felt like we were away on a little mini vacation hanging out up in that room. He’s been working like a dog at the marina, so laying around together watching the babies for two days was pretty awesome. Chris holding his daughters for the first time was so special to me, I thought I loved him insane amounts before.  Seeing him learn to roll them up tight like a burrito brought it to a whole new level.
Nurse Holly was with us from 7pm to 7am both nights and we just loved her. She helped with that first pee, perfecting my breastfeeding techniques and giving us peace of mind when we had little worries.  I will never forget all these amazing people that have come into our world recently and made this special time in our lives one we will never forget!
Wow the world sure is filled with amazing people, who do amazing things!
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