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The first thought when Chris and I found out we were having twins was for sure shock but then immediately we thought about how lucky these two girls will be. Like they are growing in the same womb together they will share everything, even if they don’t always want too.  We are going to make sure they have the best relationship ever, to love one another and motivate each other, just as my mom and dad instilled in my brother and I.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be just like my big brother Chris, who I called furfur because I couldn’t say Christopher.  He was always a hero to me and whatever he did I wanted to do to. I still look up to him to this day as he is a father to four kids, two of them being twins and runs his own successful business. How thankful I am that I can turn to him anytime I have questions about twins or business. He is always available for a text or phone call and always supports my ideas and gives me great direction. I love him so much and feel very fortunate for our relationship, which in turn makes me super excited about these twins I’m having and for the relationships they will have together and with Rya.

It’s pretty awesome to have siblings in our lives, sometimes I think this is something we can overlook. We forget how amazing it is to be on this earth tied to someone right from young. It is someone you have shared your whole past with, grew up the same way, been taught by the same parents and having many of the same memories. No matter what, you always have them and they have you.

My brother and I are five years apart so I am sure there were times when we were growing up he didn’t want his little sister tagging along but he always included me. He taught me how to skateboard, how to throw a frisbee straight and he even taught me how to spit and let it hang 2 feet down and then suck it back up. Sure it was while he was pinning me to the floor and that spitball almost reaching my face but that taught me how to fight back. He was the all around big brother and I couldn’t imagine life without him and would never be the women I am today if he wasn’t a part of it.

I don’t understand how anyone can let their relationship with their siblings fade. The good thing is you can always get it back, it’s not like random friends that come and go, these people are part of you. They are our blood and no matter how far gone your relationship is or how long it’s been since you connected with them, there is always hope. It only takes one person to get the ball rolling again, to be patient and see the innocence in them. Thats whats so great about family, deep down no matter what they always love you it just takes a little work sometimes.

I know I am pretty lucky that my brother and I have always been pretty tight, we grew up with awesome parents who did everything with us. They taught us how to love and my mom… well I could right a whole blog about her but she was the best mom ever. I will tell you more about her in another post but as I am growing as a mother I really realize how freaking awesome she was and is and I am turning more and more into her everyday.

I am so so excited to be a mom to young children again, to do it all over and to watch these 3 sisters grow. What a cool dynamic it will be having Rya and the twins 13 years a part, they will have a special kind of relationship and I am so stoked to see it all play out. What a wonderful world we live in, seems like such a simple thing but what a miracle it is to create these children and give them this gift of life together.

Let’s celebrate our siblings, send them a message for no reason this week, let them know how much you love them! We must never take them for granted and we must always continue to grow our relationships with them, there’s a reason they are our siblings in the first place!!

I love you furfur.







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