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The last 8 months has been pretty interesting, I’ve learnt a lot about being pregnant with twins and how to prepare for them. I will be honest and say I am not one of those women that just looooves being pregnant. As much as I would love to say I do, I just don’t and I think that’s ok.

I do dream about the moment the doctor hands over my girls to me. I cannot wait to meet them and see them and know that they are ok. I wonder what they will look like, if they will have 1 webbed toe like my brother, mom and I have. I cant wait to see Chris hold his two baby girls in his arms, too see the love in his eyes and how much they will melt his heart. The end is near and I am so excited!!

As my pregnancy is coming to it’s final weeks I thought I would make up two lists that maybe some mama’s could relate too or new ones could get some tips from.

Things I couldn’t have lived without during my pregnancy:

  1. Olives — My only craving that I needed everyday, I’m surprised I didn’t drink the olive water as I thought about it a few times.
  2. My Swell Bottle — ahhhh chugging ice cold water all day.
  3. Rya’s Foot Massages — Restless legs will make you feel crazy at times.
  4. Netflix’s — well everyone loves Netflix’s.
  5. Ocean Bottom’s Lotion bar — No stretch marks so far!!
  6. Pants from Preggo Leggings — So comfy and made me feel badass.
  7. Supportive Clients & Friends — So grateful for the love they share with me.
  8. Body Pillow
  9. The Gym
  10. Chris’s powerhouse smoothies every morning —  Thank you Chris!!!
  11. Dr Hasen — He makes you feel like the only patient he has seen all week!
  12. My Dog Rambo — Totally smothering at times, but just so loving.

Things I will tell a first time pregnant mama:

  1. If you’re waking up dizzy eat soda crackers throughout the night.
  2. HYDRATE CONSTANTLY Keep your refillable bottle on you at all times.
  3. When you sneeze you may tinkle a little so cross your legs or hold on. lol
  4. Keep prenatal vitamins next to your bed so you don’t forget to take them.
  5. Not all ultrasound techs will talk to you and tell you whats going on in there, so if you get a quit one don’t jump to conclusions.
  6. The Diabetes test is not that bad, the orange drink is small and taste ok.
  7. Keep questions in your smartphone notes app so you won’t forget when you see your Dr.
  8. Don’t take things to personally while posting or reading comments on mama Facebook groups.
  9. If your body says kick your feet up and rest then DO IT!
  10. Braxton Hicks make your stomach go all funky, don’t be alarmed by the crazy shapes it can make, it’s normal.
  11. You’re not eating for two so don’t think it’s a free for all, only 300 more calories in second trimester and 500 more in the third trimester. With twins add another 300 a day on to that.
  12. Pick names you love, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or says.
  13. Your gums may bleed while brushing your teeth, this is normal.
  14. Strangers will want to touch your belly so either accept it or be ready with a nice way of saying “back off”.
  15. There will be times you feel like you’re running out of breath, it will pass so just relax and know that you will get the air you need.
  16. It’s ok to go to bed at 8:30pm get all the sleep while you can.


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