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As badass as I would like to be, this past week has been the hardest week of my life. I have never been so uncomfortable and as I type this I feel like screaming as it’s been a whole week of feeling on edge from the way my body feels. My brain says “get up and go”, there’s so much I want to do, but my body can’t even stand for more than a few minutes.

See baby B was always breech with her head up in my ribs as baby A has always been head down ready to go. They were in a ying-yang position that worked well for my body. Last weekend though I felt a shift, like something changed in there that made it a little easier to breath but pretty much impossible for me to walk. So I was excited to see what my ultrasound would show this week and on Tuesday it showed that baby B flipped and is now head down low ready to go as well. Maybe they are being competitive twins already, trying to race each other out into the world. I do not know, but the pressure that has now built with having two 5.5 lb baby heads in-between my legs is just a whole new level of uncomfortableness.

So I taught my last AXFIT class on Monday and it’s been a week of Netflix’s and chilling and not the fun meaning of “Let’s Netflix & Chill”, the I can’t really do anything but sit back and wait kind of chill. My body filled with bedsores but with happiness as both babies are in a great position for a natural birth.

I am trying to soak this in as I can’t remember the last time I sat around doing nothing, like I am so big here that there’s no real guilt for doing nothing as every step I take hurts. So that’s my week, catching up on some seasons of random shows, waiting for these crazy Braxton Hicks to turn into full out contractions or for my water to break. I guess these two girls are super comfy in there and as hard as every minute here is for me I am so happy that they are healthy and happy in there!

I now have a new appreciation for moms with multiples and can’t believe I am part of this badass crew, carrying two babies up in here!! Next up is feeding, changing and soothing two newborns, haha wish me luck!

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