Keep It Fresh – Ideas for your Clients


Ok so its the beginning of 2014 and your looking for some new ways to workout on your own, with friends our if your a trainer then some fresh ideas for your clients.

It is our indoor season here in Windsor with our Adrenaline classes so with the big group we have in our classes I have to find creative ways to keep them moving with no dead time.  No one wants to be standing around, especially when they are paying you to be there.  For those of you training on your own there’s no reason’s why you can’t take these drills to the gym with you and do them on your own or with a friend.  Most gyms have a training studio where they do group classes so find out when that room is free and take advantage of it.  Get out of the same old routines at the gym, mix in some plyos, sprints and core drills in between those sets your doing with the weights or  machines.

This will get your heart pumping and your muscles confused which will keep you from plateauing with your training and you can reach your ultimate results.  You want results right?  So you want to do the most efficient training you can and trust me your body gets bored of running on that treadmill like a hamster.