Circuit Workouts – New Ways to train your Clients or Yourself!


Circuits are one of the best ways to train large groups of people fast, hard and efficiently.  There’s a million ways we do circuits at Adrenaline, here’s one we did the other day. You can switch up any of the drills at the pylons and for beginners you may not need to use the weights while running.  You could even make this circuit a timed challenge, see how fast the group doing the suicide drills can get it done it and the second set they can try to beat their first time.  People always love PB’s (Personal Best) , it pushes them harder to compete with themselves.  It’s pretty awesome what you can get out of people by adding in a timer.

Check out the video and add a twist of your own style to this workout!!!



Remember, to always show up to your classes your training ready and prepared to give them the best workout they have ever had every single time!!!  People can tell when your making it up on spot and know one wants to pay money for that bull shit.

Train Insane!