Let’s Get Shredded Day 2 – Bi and Tri workout

Alright here’s my Day 2 workout routine, just got back from the gym feeling fresh and my arms feel amazing.  I love arm day, even if it’s hard to drive home after.  The rest of the day you just feel great!!

Here’s what I did at the gym today, it’s my Day 2 workout and what I ate and will eat for dinner tonight.  I try to plan what I eat days before, cook the appropriate recipes and have them ready in the fridge.  This will keep you from grabbing quick packaged foods that are easy cause your starving.  Try my Lentil soup .. OMG it’s amazing and SO HIGH IN PROTEIN.  I make it on Sunday and have it for lunch all week.  Our AxFit NRG bars are amazing too, great for that sweet tooth but it’s all natural ingredients and packed with nutrients and protein.  If your trying to tone and put some muscle on you have to get some high protein foods in  your diet, and don’t just rely on a protein shake.


Here’s my Day 2 workout routine:  Bi and Tri workout

Day 2 workout routine

*** Plank suicides are a great finisher, if your not sure what they are watch this video

In the video below I go over some of these moves and how to do them properly and efficiently.  It’s so important to have proper form, that’s why gyms are full of mirrors, watch how your training and if you can’t keep your form then maybe your weights are too heavy.  It’s so easy to get hurt, so start with light weights if your new to lifting and increase your weight as you  get more comfortable with it.

As you can see in the workout program I finish with Cable Bi curls, so I set the weight as heavy as I can do them and then do as many as I can.  Dropping the weight down until I get to the lightest weight on the stack.  This BURNS like crazy but it feels awesome and a great way to finish your workout, you can use bands if thats all you got. If  you have any questions about this workout please message me and I can help you out!!

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YUMMMMy!!  If you haven’t had Steel Cut Oats, you have to get on them! They are a comfort food for me, I add berries and bananas a little soy milk and I feel fueled for my active morning.    Steel-cut oats are whole grain groats, that inner portion of the oat kernel, which have been cut into two to three pieces rather than being flattened like they do with rolled oats. Because of this it takes longer to digest, so making us feel fuller for a longer period of time. The texture is awesome, trust me  you will love them.  There’s a few brands out there, I bought this one the other day and really liked it.


steel cut oats