The cake isn’t calling your NAME!

WahoooOOOoo It’s Friday and you have plans this weekend,  could be family outings, parties, hitting up the clubs let’s face it we all have busy lives. There’s ALWAYS some kind of celebration that we have to host or attend.  So these for some can be road blocks.. they can be the reason we have more then one cheat meal in a week or day and say “well it was so and so’s birthday..” or “there was a pot luck at work today“.. “I couldn’t be rude..” and so on.  I,  over the past 10 years have herd it all. haha

So I want to say to you today.. If you have goals you want to reach wether it be to body build or lose tons of weight you won’t get to your goals if you keep cheating!  You can say all you want “but it’s soooo hard”..  Oh waaaahhhh, it’s not hard at all.. you are in control of that hand stuffing your mouth with crappy fuel that gives nothing helpful to your body or these amazing goals you have set.  I have 100% faith in everyone, you just need some self control and pride in yourself and your actions.   it’s actually pretty simple, just say no to the birthday cake..  it’s not like you have never had it before and you will die if you don’t eat it.  What I do, is think of the ingredients going into some of these foods that tempt us.  This is what I say in my head.. ; “ouu that cake is full of fatty icing, with butter, sugar, flour.. Danielle it’s just all junky crappy food that taste great to your toung but makes you feel heavy, full, tired later and crummy about myself for not having more self control“.  Then guess what?.. my craving to stuff that cake in my face is gone!  It actually starts to gross me out. I also think about how freaking hard I worked at class or the gym that day and I am NOT wasting it on anything but gearing towards my goals.

So next time your about to cheat on your diet.. on your goals and inspirations, stop and think about whats really in it and whatever little voice that is telling you to just eat it.. tell it to piss off and walk away with pride and grab an apple or a carrot stick.

DON’T EVEN BUY THIS SHIT AT THE GROCERY STORE!!!  Fill your fridge with fresh wholesome foods that will make you feel, acted and look amazing. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT BABY!!!