Holiday Hustler – Advent Calendar


Happy Holiday Season to YOU and your family!!!

I am so excited about this years Holiday Hustler  – Advent Calendar  we have planned for you guys!

EVERYDAY a NEW Challenge!!!

Last years calendar was cool and we had a tone of people following along, but this years we are kicking up a notch and making it more interactive.  So Starting December 1st and everyday following for the whole month we will be posting a quick 1-2 minute fitness challenge video. It’s to be done right in front of your computer as I am doing it in front of mine.  It’s FAST, FUN and a great way to start your day!

As I say in the video below, this quick challenge cannot be your workout for the day. haha, it really won’t do much physically for you at all in that short of time. But what it will do is set the tone for your day, keep you on track and thinking about fitness.

So we challenge you to do this with us!! Why not??  Instead of popping open a chocolate pop a squat or a sprint on spot with us.  Everyday will be something different, share this Advent Calendar with your friends. Let people know about it so we can all start on December 1st, no one missing a day!