BUY LOCAL – Support Your City


I read this article today in the Windsor Star and it really made me think how easy it could be if we all just tried a little harder to BUY LOCAL.  We worry so much about our economy and what the future holds for our children and our children’s children, but do we just worry about it or are we taking any actions to make a change?

I know that I could buy more local then I already do.  I would love to source EVERYTHING I buy from a local business.  Think of the hundreds of dollars we all just poured out of our pockets or put on credit cards this past Christmas on pointless things no one even needs from these big chains.  These chains that treat their staff poorly or brainwash us to act as we do on Black Friday’s and other Hallmark crazed Holidays.

Windsor’s New Year’s Resolution;

So it looks as though Windsor has a New Year’s Resolution to BUY LOCAL, they are only asking that we put just 10% of our grocery bill towards local foods. That’s only $10 out of $100, but I think we could go above that, don’t you? Don’t you think you could make more of an effort to source these local shops.  You can’t expect a fruit stand to be set up right at your corner to do it, it’s just not possible.  However think of all the time we put into driving, parking, bumping carts and standing in long lines at the big food chains.  If we just put half the effort we put into making them richer everyday we just might be able to save our own communities.  This directly effects us all, if your a business owner or not.

I read in that article that this 10 per cent challenge would turn into a $1.5 million weekly investment back into our region.  That’s amazing and so easy to attain don’t you think?  Buying local is not a trend it’s a must and we must all make it part of our routine.

I’m really excited about this and I hope you are too. Here’s a BUY LOCAL MAP – for all your produce needs in Windsor Essex County.  Also here is an amazing website where you can find anything your looking for grown or produced right in the Windsor area.

Making Change together;

Today I made a new Facebook Page called BUY LOCAL – WINDSOR_ESSEX ,   I ask that you PLEASE “LIKE” it on Facebook and share it. Let’s make this a place we can all go and share things we buy or sell that are made here in our Windsor – Essex community.  Let’s share photos, videos of all that our city has to offer, a place for LOCAL business owners to share their products with us.  These big city chains have so much pull and can really take over the advertising industry so  let’s help make our local stand out!!!