Your Holiday Hustler [CALENDAR]

This Adrenaline Junkies is your Advent Calendar this Year!!! 

Yes, it’s only one exercise a day just like a child would eat one chocolate a day.  I want to keep  it simple so everyone will stay at it. Don’t worry next month we will be stepping it up for the New Year!!  haha

So I want you to save this image, maybe even set it as your desktop screen on your computer…lol . Somewhere you can check it every morning when you wake up.    Hey even Pin it and share it with your friends too, let’s all start our day off with an exercise, it’s just ONE and it will kick start your metabolism, Im going to do it right when I get out of bed.  It will get your blood flowing and your body ready and excited for the day ahead.  This is definitely not your workout for the day, just an awesome way to start every day in December to finish this year off right! Plus it’s fun and knowing a bunch of others are doing it too is kinda cool.

As you can see there is a series of 8 exercises and as the days go through the month you will get to the same exercises again. Only I have increased the amount as the month goes on. In the 3rd and 4th weeks I did change the cardio drill from high knees to jumping jacks and same with the ab drill from crunches to leg raises just to keep it interesting and targeting different areas of our bodies.

So it starts this Saturday and on the very last day of the month you have to do all 8 exercises x 10 reps of each.

Have an excellent week Adrenaline Junkies stay on top of your goals and excited to set new ones.