My Coffee Strike

Well here I go… trying to quit coffee again.

So let me give you my low down on this Java friend of mine!!   Ok am i addicted to coffee.. well I gues i don’t really know.  This is my stats so you tell me:

1 – cup of Keurig coffee every morning during the week.

1-3 cups of oldschool brewed coffee on Saturday / Sunday.

THATS it!  and to be honest I never finish my cup during the week cause the second it gets a tad warm I have to stop.. the taste just disgust me.  See When it’s super hot that it burns my tongue  and then the taste is masked..thats how I like it. I really crave that first hot sip i think… after that it doesnt even matter.  So does that mean I even like this stuff?  A true ‘beer drinker’ likes their beer warm… like “I’ll have a warm Guiness” is what they say.. YUke.  So does the same apply to coffee?  maybe I really just like the smell.. but I still have that cup everyday.  So thats my stats, not a real high intake daily but why is it then that I can’t stop?

Part of me wanting to do this is that last week I ran out of coffee and for 2-3 days I had no coffee in me and a lingering headache.  Was it from the lack of coffee in my system? This I’m not to sure of but if this drink is the cause to any headach I have I gotta be done with it.  To me having any withdrawls on a food or drink is just really not cool.  I want control of my body not these beans So this is my reason for this coffee strike.  I don’t want this brew to have contorl over ME!!!  Will I go back to this hot drink? I have no idea.. most likely I will. I have tried quitting coffee more then 20 times, and usually I last 2-3 days. So I am going to blog about it everyday.. I think this might help me and also I thought some of you could relate.  This is a challenge for me.. and I like a good challenge!

See Neviana quit coffee years ago and she said “it was one of my best friends“.. but after 3-4 days of being on edge she began to feel peace and had more energy.   I tell you this women glows.. I met Nev for lunch this past week and she was she really was.. right in the window and I don’t know about you but I want that glow!!! So if quitting coffee could maybe be a part of my journey to the ‘glow’  and have control over my habits then so be it, Im going to do my best to stop it once and for all.   Now don’t get me wrong I have nothing against coffee drinkers or thinks its bad, this is just simply an experiment for me to find out if its true what these non coffee drinkers say about feeling so much more energized and amazing  then when they drank coffee. Or do they just really miss it and have to lie to themselves to stay away . haha

So it’s Day 1:  and here’s my first post. As I type this blog for you this morning I am doing everything I can to not push that brew button, I always type and sip coffee in the am.  It’s just what I do!   Hmmmm. does this mean that maybe part of the need for coffee  could  have to do with that we partner it up with something else we do .. so then is it a routine.  See humans like routine , so this is a mental block I think I can overcome.  Nev ordered Hot water with lemon in it last week.. so I googled this and I found some pretty amazing stuff that a simple “hot water with lemon” can do for our bodies.  besides the healthy stuff, its easy and natural and what you see is what you get.  So I guess I will swap that morning retual with Hot lemon water still in my cute mug and I can sip on that well I type and I bet I will like the taste  all the way through too

I wonder if it even effects the way I train…lol I guess we will see… Windsor junkies please let me know.

Ill check with you guys later.. gotta cutt some lemons.