CK’s REASON | Get Those Lips Wet


Life on Earth would not exist without water. Approx. 75% of our muscles are made of water. 

These reasons alone are enough to convince me that water is indeed the foundation to any fitness plan. The above facts are not new to anybody reading this article…they most likely just remind you of what you already know. Of course you do drink water, but are you drinking enough water? Water is the key to life and enough water is essential to being healthy.  

Drink more water and feel better, that’s a great rule of thumb. Most people do not drink enough water and unfortunately until they do, will not realize the benefits. Below are some of the benefit’s I have personally noticed.


  • More Energy – Yes, water does give you energy “I looked it up”
  • Performance – Being hydrated will prevent muscle cramps and lubricates your joints…yup I confirmed that one too!
  • Prevents Drinking “Bad” Beverages – Having a water on the go will prevent you from drinking things that do the opposite of hydrate you like pop, coffee or alcohol.
  • Good Mood – Drinking can increase your mood. You know all the benefits of water for all parts of your body and well-being. So with every sip be happy, because your body certainly will be.

Drinking water is the easiest way to pick up your fitness level. Sometimes it’s the easiest most obvious things that are lacking in our diet’s or fitness plans that are preventing us from reaching our full-potential. Many say they do not like the taste of water, or that you get enough, or that you get water from other sources besides drinking it straight…but these are red flags of someone who probably is not getting enough.

A person weighing 160 pounds should be drinking 10 cups per day. That is not taking into account things in your life that may increase the amount of water you need, such as: Drinking Coffee (Caffeine can act as a mild diuretic, preventing water from traveling to necessary locations in the body), Drinking Alcohol, Exercising, and even Thinking (Yes, thinking, Your brain functions off water)…the point is stop thinking you drink enough water and start knowing, start feeling the benefits.

So if somebody wants to start drinking more water…what are some tricks? Here are some common tips I have heard…set your watch to times you need to have a cup of water, measure the amount of water you need per day, eat more foods with water in them,  keep your water cold so it tastes better, put lemon in your water…this is a list of many tips and tricks out there. These might be good for some, but to me seem like more work. It’s Simple. Just Drink More Water throughout your day.

Just being conscious of your water drinking habits will open your eye’s to all the opportunities you can choose to have more water.  Have a bottle of water that you can refill…I guess that is my one tip.

So drink up, get those lips wet and share this post, let your friends and family know the importance of drinking water and why you are always carrying around a water bottle now!