Advent Calendar – December 1

I Love Christmas,

The crafts, smells, the baking, buying gifts, really everything about it!  Advent Calendars like for most of us, were one of my favourites right from my very first one.  Those sweet, shiny, tiny little chocolates first thing in the morning set my whole day up with a great vibe.

That’s our goal here with our’s, however we are going to make our own natural rush of Adrenaline.  No sugar added version 2.0  haha  so it’s day 1 today and you have a new goal to complete with me,  can you do it? 

Behind today’s

door; December 1st. 2013 is 1 minute of  Ladders, as fast and as hard as you can.  Now it’s only 1 minute, but if you really push hard with those knees up as high as you can for each and every rep, you will feel that adrenaline going after. Besides I’m going to try and show you as many cool ‘at desk‘ workouts that I can, which in the new year you can add them to your daily routines.  Teach you to think outside of the box with your training.

Set some goals for the month, it’s the last month of 2013 so let’s go out with a bang and really feel motivated about the new year ahead. I’m excited for what’s in store for us, if we really focus  we can make anything happen!!


Advent Calendar DOors

















Stand up, push play on the vid below and let’s kick this out and then go on with your day!! 

Have a productive day, see you back here tomorrow.

peace out.