Audio Workout Album – The Adrenaline Training Style

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The Adrenaline Training Style Album

This year’s secret weapon to six pack abs, rock hard core, tight legs, and the motivation you’re looking for to reach your goals!

  • All Fitness Levels – Used by Professional Athletes and Beginners!
  • Keep It Fun – Do Something Different, Exciting, and Challenging!
  • Train with Confidence – Have Detailed Instructions, Tips, Reminders of your Form and Technique while Working Out!
  • Increase the Intensity – Tear it up with Chevy in the Privacy of your Own Headphones!
  • The Adrenaline Training Style – Benefit from The Adrenaline Training Style Anytime, Anywhere!
  • Versatile – Have a Workout Ready for any Environment – Treadmill, Gym, Home, Outdoors, and More!
  • Stay Motivated – Have your own Personal Trainer Anywhere, Anytime!
  • Switch it Up – If your Bored of your Workout Routine here is your Game Changer!
  • It’s a Lifestyle – Unleash the Power Within!

The Adrenaline Training Style Album includes a uniquely crafted selection of workouts that will transform your body to uncover a fitter, firmer, and more confident you! The album includes signature Adrenaline Training Style workouts for your Abdominal’s, Core, Upper Body, Lower Body, Cardio/Endurance, and Strength. Like all AXFIT ADIO’s you can workout in your home, at the gym, on the road, outdoors, or anywhere else you find yourself seeking a killer workout and motivation to kick it up! More importantly the album goes beyond dream arms, legs, and rock-cut abs to energize your body and soul. Start waking up every morning feeling happier, more confident and more fulfilled. Let’s do this!

–   Chevy 


AXFIT ADIO “The Adrenaline Training Style” TRACKS

  1. Shout Out – 7:22
  2. Warm Up – 9:30
  3. Ab Blast – 13:43
  4. Cardio Intervals – 18:08
  5. Forever Push-Ups – 19:24
  6. Core Crusher – 14:59
  7. Muscle Up Legs & Cardio – 14:04
  8. Treadmill Workout – 26:17
  9. Intense Core Pyramid – 11:53
  10. Chevy’s Butt Builder – 19:38
  11. Body Blast – 17:01
  12. Unleash It Audio – 32:26