High Protein Wrap Post Workout Meal

Keep things simple and throw together a quick High Protein Wrap Post Workout Meal. A tuna wrap is so easy to make and very beneficial, adding the hemp hearts just kicks the protein amount up even higher making for the perfect post workout meal.  When I workout in the morning I have one of these bad boys often for lunch.

Protein in each ingredient:

  • White Flaked Tuna – 34 grams  per can
  • Hemp Hearts – 20 grams per 6 Tbs
  • Brown Tortilla – 6 grams per shell

So I had a high protein tuna wrap today for lunch with the whole can of tuna, 6 Tbs of Hemp Hearts,  celery, a little mayo and pepper all wrapped up with a green onion inside. It was so good and not to mention it had 60 GRAMS OF PROTEIN IN IT!!  


post workout meal

Then I ate this high protein post workout wrap with 3/4 of a cup of cottage (31 grams of protein) and some strawberries, it made for a perfect lunch after my workout!!

Tuna wrap