All equipment is designed and tested specifically for,
group fitness professionals!



AXFIT Nylon Covered Resistance Band Features:

  • Designed by Danielle Chevalier of AXFIT for Fitness Professionals
  • 4ft band with a max stretch of 11ft
  • Padded Handles
  • Safety Sleeve Technology for superior safety

AXFIT Nylon Covered Resistance bands are made with the highest quality rubber and completely covered with a durable and protective nylon sleeve made to stand up to the rigorous demands of professional use.

Single | 17.99

5 Pack | 79.99

10 Pack | 144.99

AXFIT Resistance Bands are designed by me Danielle Chevalier of AXFIT specifically for fitness professionals. I’ve created what i believe is the perfect resistance band for group fitness classes. I find 20lbs/9kg to be the perfect resistance. I will only use “Nylon Covered” resistance bands and most importantly I will only buy bands made with high quality rubber. AXFIT resistance bands have all of the above covered, then some. Besides creating the best “all around” resistance band for group fitness classes, i’ve made them easy to buy in bulk at a fair price and available worldwide.

I usually have 10 bands available in my AXFIT classes equipment inventory. 10 bands is the perfect number if your setting up a circuit with a band station or partner band drills. If your looking for partner band workout ideas, check out the Youtube Channel and search bands. Resistance bands are a very affordable way to offer variety in your fitness classes or your workout routine at home. They are great for travel, gym or home.


AXFIT Training Ideas