CK’s Reason | Eating More Meals

Their is no question that diet and eating habits can be the toughest part about keeping a consistent fitness plan. As much as we hear sayings like “you are what you eat” or read facts about the right foods its often not enough to prevent us from occasionally becoming a potato chip, french fry, or ice cream.

We have all heard or can look up the facts about eating small meals and why this is good for you. Quick research through your favorite search engine will give you a tonne of health benefits for eating more small meals per day compared to a few large meals per day. But again, going back to “you are what you eat”, even though we hear the facts and saying’s, does not mean we follow them… We have to WANT to make the right decisions. It’s like anything, to be successful and follow through, you have to want it for yourself. Fitness is not an exception. To eat right and stick to certain “best practices” it helps to have your own reasons to do it. Below are my personal reasons for WANTING to eat smaller meals and why I believe in this particular best practice.

 CK’s Reasons to Eat More Meals:

  • Keep hunger and temptation under control – The more time between meals, the hungrier you will get and the more likely you will make a quick, bad decision for your next meal.
  • Stop “waiting time” – Having to wait for “Meal Time” before exercise or having to digest a bigger meal before any exercise can sometimes lead to putting off your plans all together.
  • Eating is Enjoyable –  Just make sure to choose healthy foods and snacks.
If you have your own tips or perspective, share in the comment section or through the contact us page!